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Hi! I'm Annie!

CEO & Founder of AHD Communications

I am a creative & thought driven communications professional with a specialization in communication education, social research, and public speaking. Basically, I help people realize their interpersonal communication skills, help them find their voice in an often noisy world, and coach through mindset and empowerment.

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Keynote, Strategy, Coaching

Need a voice to your event that will not only empower but motivate?

Anne not only enables her audience to see deep within themselves the power of his/her voice but does it with humilty. 

Whether it is an event of 3,000 or more to an intimate group of 50 or less, Anne works with her audience to lead with humble self-confidence. 

Speaking topics include:

Martial Arts & Public Speaking

Finding Your Voice Through Communications 

Recruiting for perfect person for the perfect position can be near impossible.  But what if the solution was thinking differently?  Improve wins, differentiate, commit to client centric mind-frame.

We offer six-moth to year long trainings to help YOUR team effectively learn and retain communication practices by in-depth, personalized education.  

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Social intelligence is the next and future way of doing business. Whether it be researching for a potential position within your company to cultivating the next sales presentation, understanding your client perspective is extremely important.  

As a community, there is so much noise surrounding us, whether we are aware of it or not.  This noise can be cultural, physiological, psychological, etc.  No person is the same, we all carry different experiences, thoughts, ideals.  We are all unique and individual with shared experiences.  We have experienced major life-events and bring different perspectives.  Something as simple as saying, double bubble gum, we all have the same and different experiences.

Understanding that we, as human beings, are much more complicated, why keep doing business like we are all the same?  

Social intelligence offers a new perspective in research.  Thanks to the worldwide web, social media, and other online media outlets, our worlds have become so intertwined and open.  This creates online personalities and these online personalities tell us so much about the people we will meet/work with.  

Imagine, giving a sales presentation to a board room full of C-Suite executives.  You made it through the first round of sales presentations.  You are the front runner.  Everything is working in your favor.  You know you did a great job; it was a slam dunk.  But days later you find out, you did not get the business.  You reach out and discover it was not the lack of presentation, but your competition, the company winning the account, formed a better more cohesive relationship.  Notice the word relationship instead of presentation.  Presenting is only half the battle, if your audience does not connect with you, you are lost.  

As the world strives to become more efficient with time and money, Social RES not only delivers time saving solutions but gives you a chance to understand your future clients.  You are not trying to just win an account; you want to develop a relationship for repeat business.  Social RES allows you to understand your client and then develop your process towards them.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  Taking the time to research, prepare and learn allows for better business and more successful communication.

According to research done on the buyers’ journey, only 13% of buyers feel sales teams understand their needs. (Williams, 2020)  This alone shows that the sales realm needs to change.  If only 13% of people think they are understood, the prospective for future collaboration and a continued relationship is very small.  So why not see this as an opportunity.  Understand what THEIR, the clients, needs are versus YOUR needs.  Speak to the client instead of lecturing, let them decide that you not only are a good solution to the problem they have now, but to future issues yet to arise.  Make them feel that you are part of their team and literally have their back in time of need or crisis.  You are THEIR solution. 


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